So today is the release date for the newly remastered Gates – You Are All You Have Left to Fear ep. We are so stoked at the amount of preorders that came through. We worked through a whole Saturday making the limited letterpress covers, and sold them in about 5 minutes. The amount of appreciation that happens for the handmade stuff always makes it worth all the work, and anyway… we wouldn’t have it any other way. In this day and age it’s great to get something that isn’t perfectly manufactured. I think I’m speaking for most of the young-ish population when I say that We’re tired of perfect.

Thanks to Gates for making this great video (again) of the process. I’m really glad we were able to capture it. Oh also, you can buy the e.p. HERE


If anyone missed the memo, Gates recently got picked up by Pure Noise records. We are proud to be working with Pure Noise on the remastered re-release of their second ep, Your Are All You Have Left To Fear. Devildance Records will be handling the vinyl release of this, while Pure Noise will be releasing the CD/Digital. The new mix is incredible, and the album will include a brand new additional song. Get ready!

I finally had a free minute to get this incredible e.p. posted up to Youtube. We put this record out a couple years back, and unfortunately the band didn’t survive too long past the release shows. I feel like this kind of fell under the radar, but it’s pretty amazing. It’s been on heavy rotation on internet radio channels for some reason lately. Hopefully this record is finally getting a little well deserved traction. It’s a good one.

Hey everyone, we finally got the new Let Me Run LP entitled Mad/Sad available for sale through the Devildance Store. The vinyl comes with a digital download, which includes an exclusive song only available with the vinyl version. There are two color variations Blue/Purple/White Splatter (/346) and Clear Beer w/hints of Red (/79). There is also a test pressing contest, so one random package will include a free test press of the LP. If you want to preview the album first here is a link to the Youtube.

Hey everyone. We’ve been in hiding for a bit, but are a week away from dropping the new Let Me Run LP on vinyl. In the meantime we uploaded the whole thing to youtube. If you are into it please share. More details about orders and pressing info coming soon! Stay tuned.

The Fortunato/Give Me Danger split LP (2002) is one of our favorite releases, and one that has been mysteriously doomed since the day it rolled out of the manufacturing plant. Nevermind the fact that both bands disintegrated shortly after the release, but the masters vanished, hundreds of the LPs got flooded in a basement leaving very few in circulation, and being a vinyl only release, it seems that no one owns digital versions of the songs. We finally uncovered the closest thing to the Fortunato/Give Me Danger masters that I think we are going to find. Of course, the last song (Let’s Get Macbre) was still missing, so until we find a good copy we’ll have to settle for a vinyl rip.

Both of these bands were genius, and I partially blame myself for not enough people ever hearing them. Having a label is a blessing, until that point later on down the road where you realize you blew it while you were fumbling around trying to figure out how to do it the right way, and damning all you bands to obscurity in the process. But make no mistake about this release… if you have an appreciation for Dischord bands, 90s screamo, or The Murder City Devils this release should hit you just right. These bands, both of them were important pieces to the NJ music scene, and laid a lot of the groundwork for later New Brunswick bands. For a limited time, here is a free stream / download

In celebration of finally getting The Sirs • She Gets Me High 7″ to digital format, we’ve decided to give away a limited number of high quality downloads. We are planning on shutting this down in a few weeks so get em while you can.Also, the website is down for a bit. Subscribe to this blog.

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