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THE WILD HAIRS: Mark “Mutha” Chesley was a dude who is apparently known for ripping people off. But he’s more nortoriously known for putting out records by some of the finest punk rock bands kicking around New Jersey from the late 70’s all the way up to the late 80’s. Its a good thing I spend many, many loserish hours traversing the great state of New Jersey looking for record stores and untapped wealths of used vinyl, as i might not have otherwise had the pleasure of running accross some of the fine releases from his label “Mutha Records” The Mutha label has put out it’s fair share of legendary NJ 80’s punk rock essential records… but heres one that kind of fell by the wayside. Wild Hairs were a 3 piece from Long Branch NJ that played fast punk rock that, at times, reminds me a lot of the buzzcocks. The record was recorded in 1984 at “Little Apple” in Raritan NJ. Im posting a few of the standout tracks

radio is boring
capital punishment
traffic jam


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