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So today is the release date for the newly remastered Gates – You Are All You Have Left to Fear ep. We are so stoked at the amount of preorders that came through. We worked through a whole Saturday making the limited letterpress covers, and sold them in about 5 minutes. The amount of appreciation that happens for the handmade stuff always makes it worth all the work, and anyway… we wouldn’t have it any other way. In this day and age it’s great to get something that isn’t perfectly manufactured. I think I’m speaking for most of the young-ish population when I say that We’re tired of perfect.

Thanks to Gates for making this great video (again) of the process. I’m really glad we were able to capture it. Oh also, you can buy the e.p. HERE



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I finally had a free minute to get this incredible e.p. posted up to Youtube. We put this record out a couple years back, and unfortunately the band didn’t survive too long past the release shows. I feel like this kind of fell under the radar, but it’s pretty amazing. It’s been on heavy rotation on internet radio channels for some reason lately. Hopefully this record is finally getting a little well deserved traction. It’s a good one.

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