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Hey everyone, mark your calendars. We are having some record release shows for the Your Favorite Trainwreck / Communication Redlight split. Your Favorite Trainwreck features members of both Farside & Gameface… and those dudes are flying out here from California to come out and play a just a couple of record release shows to help support the release. Seeing as how amazing of them that is, we expect everyone that is interested to show up. This is going to be epic! Also, as of this wee the record is sent off to the presses…. GET SIKED!


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I should’ve had the wherewithal to see this coming but, there is an interesting phenomenon happening at the Devildance blog. We started this thing on account of a temporarily broken website, and barely got 20 hits in a day since we put it up… until today. Today when I checked the blog stats it looked like this…

As you can imagine I was perplexed… so I went on over to check out the refer links, which if you aren’t familiar, are basically just records on how people got referred to your blog. And to my amazement most of the refers from today were from web searches involving our good buddy Andy Diamond. It took me a second, before it hit me like a ton of bricks… everyone who got the leak of the new Gaslight Anthem record heard the song “The Diamond Church Street Choir” and rushed to Google to find out who the fuck Andy Diamond was. I was dying, and of course I went directly to the phone and called Andy who replied “yeah dude you won’t believe all the people hitting me up on Facebook asking me if I’m THE Andy Diamond. This whole situation is extremely hilarious to me. And by the way if you accidentally found this blog by searching for Andy Diamonds Church Street Choir let me tell you… this dude is phenomenal. Definitely helping to keep the New Brunswick punk scene alive for many years. Andy, congratulations buddy,  you are now an internet sensation.

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Hey, so after some ridiculous delays we finally got The Sirs “She Gets Me High” 7″‘s and they look amazing. If you never heard The Sirs you should shoot on over to our Myspace page and take a listen to 3 out of the 4 songs from the record (yes Myspace still does exist). Anyway we figured we would share some initial photos. The jackets are reverseboard printed. There are 100 copies on gold translucent vinyl and 900 copies on black. The gold ones are pretty much going to be exclusively sold at the record release shows, but if you want one contact me and we can make arrangements. Otherwise these will be on sale May 1st through the Devildance Records store, Interpunk, and Psychic Volt, hopefully they will be stocked at No Idea and Revelation in the next few weeks. We sell to small distros too! please get in touch if you need some. Here’s what they look like.

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