We just finished up work on the Gates “the sun will rise and lead me home” 12″ e.p., which is proving to be quite a hit. We pressed a total of 320 records in 2 variations. The first and more limited was on blue & gold marble vinyl with a letterpress cover and is limited to 110 copies. This variation, was printed at my own letterpress shop Letters From Earth & I’m sorry to say is sold out. If you want to have a look at it though go HERE.

The second variation is on white vinyl and I have to say looks quite handsome itself… it’s also really limited at a total of 210 copies.

These are somewhat flying off the virtual shelves as well, so if you’re interested you’d be best suited to head over and grab one HERE! Or if you just want to give a listen to this free stream that’s cool too.  Hope everyone had a happy holiday!


The name The Bloodreds might ring a bell to Devildance Fans. That’s because we were slated to release a split 7″ with them and NJ punk band The Sirs. The record ended up falling through, the band went on hiatus, and the songs were temporarily sent to obscurity. We are really proud to have the freshly dusted off masters… this stuff was too good to slip away. Perhaps a little attention will be enough to coax the Bloodreds back out of purgatory and into the spotlight. These guys are too fresh sounding of a band to disappear without causing just a little more ruckus. This is most of their material (minus a few bits and pieces) and it shines. But hey, check it out for yourself… and by all means feel free to spread this link around.

GATES. The making of the layout of their excellent debut E.P.

Our good friends Gates have just released their new debut E.P. This is one of the best debut releases I think we have ever heard, and they are giving it away… that is unless you want to throw down on a hand screened limited cd. These dudes are going to be a really big deal…

GATES – the sun will rise and lead me home.

download free HERE. or stream HERE.

Also, this post made it into the “Devildance Stuff” category on this blog…. HMMMMMMM… Something must be brewing…..

Your Favorite Trainwreck’s cover of “(What’s so funny ’bout) peace love and understanding” off of the split 7″

Man… I know I haven’t updated in a good while but if it’s not on Youtube it didn’t happen…. so we just set up a youtube channel, just in case there wasn’t already enough ways for you to hear our records without actually buying them. We’re going to be slowly adding lots of Devildance content over time, and other random stuff to try and keep it fun and not too much of an advertisement. If you feel inclined you can subscribe to our “Channel” and get updates when new videos hit the virtual floor. We also have some potentially awesome news waiting in the wings. stay tuned! – THE DUDES

Hey everyone just a heads up, all of the Your Favorite Trainwreck/Communication Redlight pre-orders are officially shipped as of this morning. Our test press winner (order#230) was Will Smith from Ohio. Seriously Will Smith? … Congratulations Will! We also packed every order with a free Let Me Run 7″ & a We’re All Broken promo CD. A few of the other packages also have other assorted back catalogue items, you feelin’ lucky?

In other news…. I think the 104 degree heat has me losing my mind…

Hey congratulations to us for putting out a split 7″ with 2 bands that have the longest names in the history of recorded music… at least my typing muscles are getting a good workout. The Your Favorite Trainwreck / Communication Redlight split 7″ is officially available in the Devildance Records Store. there are still a handfull of the limited edition glow in the dark versions left… and by handfull i mean literally like 30 copies. If you order from our store you will get an order number. Order #230 is going to win a glow in the dark test press of the record… in terms of order numbers, we are getting pretty close i think. You can still hear a stream of the entire record HERE. If you are into it please spread the link around, post it on your blog, messageboard, or whatever the christ you have to do. Also, do not forget about the record release shows this weekend… many beers and eargazm enducing jams will be had. You want to come? Of course you do! See the rest of the blog for more deets.

Both sides of the split side by side. So rad. Click to enlarge

I was so siked to actually finally see these for real. As I mentioned before Jeff Gameface came up with the cover design for this, and as much as I am not in favor of owning more than one copy of any record I feel like the front and back need to be displayed together to FULLY appreciate this. We did 2 colors red (800 copies) and glow in the dark (200 copies). The glow in the dark records will be mostly available at the record release shows next weekend (and a few via preorder). The YFT dudes are flying out here from Cali to play 3 shows throughout NJ & NY to support this record, so hopefully some of you will show your pretty little faces. If you need the dates just scroll down the blog posts and you’ll see them all. Meanwhile here is a STREAM of the record in it’s entirety… and some more flicks. Thanks!

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