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GATES. The making of the layout of their excellent debut E.P.

Our good friends Gates have just released their new debut E.P. This is one of the best debut releases I think we have ever heard, and they are giving it away… that is unless you want to throw down on a hand screened limited cd. These dudes are going to be a really big deal…

GATES – the sun will rise and lead me home.

download free HERE. or stream HERE.

Also, this post made it into the “Devildance Stuff” category on this blog…. HMMMMMMM… Something must be brewing…..


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Your Favorite Trainwreck’s cover of “(What’s so funny ’bout) peace love and understanding” off of the split 7″

Man… I know I haven’t updated in a good while but if it’s not on Youtube it didn’t happen…. so we just set up a youtube channel, just in case there wasn’t already enough ways for you to hear our records without actually buying them. We’re going to be slowly adding lots of Devildance content over time, and other random stuff to try and keep it fun and not too much of an advertisement. If you feel inclined you can subscribe to our “Channel” and get updates when new videos hit the virtual floor. We also have some potentially awesome news waiting in the wings. stay tuned! – THE DUDES

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