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So we had a sit with the dudes in The Sirs to hash out the details of the long coming and mysterious Devildance Records 7″. After an extraordinarily productive conversation we came up with a 4 song 7″ entitled “She Gets Me High” For all you non record playing people out there… we are going to be making this available digitally as well, so we should be covering all the bases. The Sirs are great dudes and long time friends… we are super excited to be releasing all 4 of these songs as we initially thought we might only be getting 2.

Here is the track listing.

1) She Gets Me High
2) Break My Heart…
3) Passed Out In Warsaw
4) Besides (B-sides)

We are going to be looking at an early February release date unless we can get it out sooner, but it just tough with pressing plants and holidays. In the Meantime you can check out the song “Passed Out In Warsaw” and some older material HERE.


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THE SIRS live at The Court Tavern, NJ 10/04/08….video by Tgod

Today is November 9th… over a year since we first came up with a plan to release a record by our good buddies The Sirs. So much has happened since then… we’ve been fucked up, broke, burned out, under the gun, past due, under promoted, overworked and overlooked. Besides that The Sirs went on what seemed like a permanent hiatus. In a surprise move last month Sirs front man Jeff Ogiba called me up to tell me it was “back on” and it was “going really well”. I have to admit I was skeptical… until I heard some of the roughs for the new songs (which fucking rule). This is incredible news for so many reasons… The first being that their Devildance 7″ release “Passed Out In Warsaw” is back on, but more importantly it means NEW SIRS SONGS. We’re meeting with the dudes tonight about the logistics of the record… and I will report the news when i know it. For right now though, I know I speak for the other Devildance guys when I say we are excited for this release, we we’re all really  bummed to have to put it on hold in the first place. hear more HERE.

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