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The Fortunato/Give Me Danger split LP (2002) is one of our favorite releases, and one that has been mysteriously doomed since the day it rolled out of the manufacturing plant. Nevermind the fact that both bands disintegrated shortly after the release, but the masters vanished, hundreds of the LPs got flooded in a basement leaving very few in circulation, and being a vinyl only release, it seems that no one owns digital versions of the songs. We finally uncovered the closest thing to the Fortunato/Give Me Danger masters that I think we are going to find. Of course, the last song (Let’s Get Macbre) was still missing, so until we find a good copy we’ll have to settle for a vinyl rip.

Both of these bands were genius, and I partially blame myself for not enough people ever hearing them. Having a label is a blessing, until that point later on down the road where you realize you blew it while you were fumbling around trying to figure out how to do it the right way, and damning all you bands to obscurity in the process. But make no mistake about this release… if you have an appreciation for Dischord bands, 90s screamo, or The Murder City Devils this release should hit you just right. These bands, both of them were important pieces to the NJ music scene, and laid a lot of the groundwork for later New Brunswick bands. For a limited time, here is a free stream / download


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